Yoga Teacher Training: Is it for you?

YIMI can help you in your path to mindfulness.

As experienced yogis, we permit and watch yoga and meditation slowly change and adapt all areas of our lives. As we become more in touch with our bodies, minds, and energy, we become more grounded, patient, and kind – with ourselves, our environment, and those around us. So it is only natural that we would want to transmit our knowledge to other people by becoming a yoga teacher.

However, we must understand that teaching is a challenge of its own, and just like everything else in yoga, it must be done at the right time. To become a yoga teacher means you will need to step back to the basics. Returning to foundation exercises, poses, and routines can be a truly humbling experience, and oftentimes quite emotional.

Teaching yoga will put your patience and kindness to test, as you guide other people through a journey that must happen in their own time. As a yoga teacher, you also need to be vocal, clear, and gentle, so your pupils can understand transitions and movement through breathing while remaining calm in their practice. With all these added challenges, it is no surprise that some teachers find it much more difficult to teach beginners classes than advanced yoga.

But we believe teaching yoga is an incredibly rewarding experience. Seeing it transform other people’s lives just as it did ours is almost magical, and will give you a strong sense of purpose. Seeing your students evolve with their practice, and most of all learning from them and their experiences will add a lot of meaning to your own life.

We believe that by teaching yoga, we truthfully understand that we are all connected. We go beyond the limits of time and space and who we think we are. This is an experience that actually happens in our brains on a neuroscientific level – but most truly in our hearts. As teacher’s we bow to our students in recognition of the fact that they are truly one with us. We see ourselves as a part of their path, and they become part of ours.

If you have achieved mindfulness, or heartfulness, as the word can be translated to from some Asian languages, and want to touch the lives of others and teach yoga, have a look at our teacher training options, here.