How to travel as a yoga teacher

Do you love yoga? Do you love travelling? Well, duh. Chances are 99.9% of you answered a firm "YES!" to both questions. Well, why can't you do both? Have your cake and eat it too?

Here at YIMI we want you to create the life you want to live! By becoming a yoga teacher, you are investing in a skill and career that is appreciated all over the world - and therefore you are in demand! YIMI's 200hr Yoga Teacher Training course (both face-to-face and online) allows you to obtain insurance to teach all over the world*.


Here are a few tips and things to consider if you're feeling inspired to throw your yoga pants and mala beads into a backpack and hit the road!


  • There are several websites out there that facilitate yoga jobs while travelling, for both volunteer and paid work. Yoga Trade and Yoga Travel Jobs are two worldwide examples. Workaway is a fantastic international company that is an online community that advertises jobs all over the world, in exchange for food and board. There are hundreds of yoga based jobs on there, where you might teach one or two classes a day in exchange for your food and accommodation.
  • Think outside the box - you'd be surprised at where a yoga teacher can get work! Aside from studios, retreats and gyms, many hotels, hostels and resorts offer daily yoga classes, as do cruise ships, yacht tours, eco-lodges, youth camps, community centres, festivals... the list goes on! And it's always worth asking - people admire initiative! Staying at a hostel with an amazing common room space? Suggest to the manager that you could do a daily yoga class in exchange for your accommodation - chances are they'll love the idea!
  • Don't expect to be paid a lot/at all. As mentioned, a lot of this work is volunteer-based or in exchange for your living expenses. Or, you may be in certain countries, such as in Asia or South America, where the amount you get paid in the local currency isn't comparable to the Australian dollar.
  • Be flexible! We KNOW you can be, we've seen that forward fold of yours! Plans don't always work out, and when they don't, take a deep breath and look for the new door that has inevitably opened just around the corner.
  • Make sure you have the right insurance for the countries and places you're planning on going to - for both travel insurance and to cover yourself as a teacher.
  • Get comfortable practicing anywhere and everywhere - you won't have your regular nook or studio space - so try and adapt to your current 'home' - whether that's an airport, a hostel common room or rooftop, or a shady park. But don't stress if your own practice suffers a bit - you're taking in so many sights and sounds, you're allowed to stray from the schedule!
  • Invest in a good travel mat. While many places you go will have their own mats, having your own will make it so much more likely for you to maintain your own practice when you're between yoga teaching gigs. Manduka's eKO Superlite Travel Mat is amazing, very grippy, durable and thin - and it can be folded up to A4 size and tucked into your hand luggage!
  • Yoga studio trials are your best friend! Wherever you go, look up if there's any yoga studios nearby. Nearly every studio will offer some kind of trial or introductory offer, so take advantage of that! Attending classes whenever you can will keep you inspired, and is the perfect place for meeting people and networking new opportunities.
  • Go to India. You won't regret it! While you may not necessarily find work, you'll learn so much in the birthplace of yoga, and feel such a wonderful connection.
  • If you're more of a road-tripping kind of traveller, have a couple of mats in the back of the car/van and make a little sign advertising your yoga teaching services which you could put up whenever you feel comfortable - you might find yourself teaching a class in the middle of your campground to that elderly couple in the caravan opposite, in exchange for a bag of juicy tangelos!


Have passions, and follow them! The world is your oyster! Breathe deeply! Grab life with both hands and make the most of this incredible journey you're on! We promise we'll stop the cliches now... Okay, just one more... the sky's the limit - live big!


*The minimum amount of yoga teacher training to teach worldwide is 200hrs. Australian yoga teachers can get insurance to teach, with a 200hr registered course such as the ones that we offer here at YIMI, to teach all over the world - excluding the US & Canada. Insurance companies have different stipulations for the US & Canada based on the laws in those countries. However, residents of the US and Canada can do a YIMI course in Australia, including YIMI's online and distance courses, and will then be able to purchase insurance cover to teach in the US and Canada. Residents of all other countries can enrol in YIMI's online and distance courses and can teach worldwide (excluding the US and Canada) once insurance is purchased for the applicable country/ies.