Meditation Teacher Training

Meditation is the most rewarding and life changing practice. For many who study and practice the art of meditation it becomes a daily practice that nurtures them throughout their whole lives. Meditation offers benefits of mind shaped on the values of compassion, mindfulness and contentment. It cultivates unshakable inner peace.

People who suffer with stress, anxiety, pain, depression and ill health find powerful relief through meditation.  The inflammatory response is reduced, the immune response is heightened, and mindfulness meditation is closely on par with antidepressants for preventing major relapse of depression.

Reputable studies also report major epigenetic changes in just 8 hours of meditation per day. This has huge public health implications for us all and the next generation.  It also reduces the aging stress on the body, by lengthening the telomeres – the ends of chromosomes. This begins to reverse the aging process on a cellular level.

Whether you do this course for yourself or to teach others, it is a highly valuable practice to live by and share with others. Meditation is the innovative lifestyle medicine of the 21st century.

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