See what previous students have to say about our courses

“I doubt there is a course out there that can ‘gift’ you as this does. Your teachers are incredible people. I have made some beautiful friendships and shall treasure this whole experience, as they don’t come around that often. Amazing people”
L.F. – 200hr Yoga Teacher Training 2017 


“The course is articulately designed to give students broad exposure to a range of asana styles and methods of practice, wrapped in a solid theoretical framework.”
V. L. – 200 & 350hr Yoga Teacher Training 2018


“It was a truly wonderful experience to soak in Sam’s wise and wonderful teachings over the weekend. I still feel like I’m walking on air and my heart is filled with much joy and gratitude. ”
A.H. – Trauma Release Teacher Training 2017


“I thoroughly enjoyed doing the Ayurvedic Massage course with Celia. Great sized class, stunning location and beautiful bunch of fellow students to work with. Thanks to Celia for an amazing four days. ”
A.J. – Ayurvedic Massage & Energetic Anatomy 2017


“Thank you for great resources, this is all wonderful. I love what you are doing. I am dedicated to practising (and learning to teach!) yoga properly and safely, but the regular intensive yoga teacher training courses don’t suit me as I’m third year uni and can’t free up 4 weeks of my time. I thought I would have to wait until I finished uni to have the time for teacher training, and then I was googling one day and found you. Your course has given me the freedom to do this at my own pace. Once I finish uni next year I can do a top up intensive and be qualified as level 2. Amazing.”
S.R. – 200hr Online Yoga Teacher Training 2017


“This course has been so life changing and truly inspiring. It was filled with knowledge of the philosophy of Yoga, the asana practices and the anatomy. It even included the western insights and the traditions of Yoga which I loved”
D.M. – 200hr Yoga Teacher Training 2017


“Great teacher, beautiful studio and location, very informative class, helped me learn to have a deeper understanding of Yoga Nidra. Would definitely recommend.”

A.G. – Yoga Nidra 2017


“The Course materials, organisation and venue were outstanding. A well though out and professional training in an amazing setting. The venue was a blissful setting that enhanced the experience of our training. I would highly recommend YIMI to friends and colleagues.”

J.M. – Yoga Nidra 2017


“I have just completed my 200 hour YTT course with YIMI and I couldn’t be more satisfied. All the teachers were very approachable and more than happy to help in any way they could. They are wonderful people who genuinely want everyone to enjoy their yoga teacher training journey and walk away with a wealth of knowledge. Thank you YIMI.”

S.L. – 200hr Yoga Teacher Training 2016


“I highly recommend this course from Yimi. I found the entire course very professional and comprehensive. The teachers were very skilled and extremely knowledgeable, open and honest. I was very motivated and inspired.”

W.W. – 200hr Yoga Teacher Training 2015


“The course was a beautiful experience in a beautiful setting with beautiful people. Thank you!”

E.G. – Kundalini Short Course 2015


“I have enjoyed my learning through YIMI immensely. The amount of information and knowledge that all teachers have shared has been greatly appreciated. The required readings, class discussions and resources referred to have opened my mind to soooo much knowledge. Have loved it and am sure will continue to do so in the future. Separate to that, the support provided has been excellent. Thank YOU!”

Y.S. – 400hr Yoga Therapy 2015/16


“Thank you YIMI, for the beautiful mediation course. You provided me with the information, motivation and the tools I needed to engrave mediation into my life. I don’t come from a medical background but found the integration from both the traditional methods with the modern day science finding very helpful to make it so very relevant for today. Beautiful teachers in a beautiful surrounding, I would highly recommend it to everyone.”

J.E. – 200hr yoga teacher training & 400hr Yoga Therapy 2015


“[On Meditation as a Therapy] A fantastic course that I took last year. Taught me SO much about my mind and emotions, how to understand them and deal with them in an intelligent way. Absolutely recommended to anyone who is serious about their self-discovery journey. [On Yoga Psychology] Practical wisdom of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras in the format of a group discussion with an amazing teacher who not just deeply understands but lives Raja Yoga. Precious days of learning to see the world and everything in it as it really is.”

A.Z. – 350hr Yoga Teacher Training, Meditation as a Therapy (inc. Yoga Psychology) & AyurYoga Therapy 2015


“The class and course content are always so well presented by teachers who are passionate about the subject. I always leave feeling totally enriched by the experience, and equipped with the tools I need to share this incredible science.”

N.K. – 400hr Yoga Therapy 2015 


“I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the 100hr meditation module. It was amazing to share time and space with teachers who are so passionate and knowledgeable about their fields.
I really enjoyed the course material – delving into the sutras a little deeper, and the western science side of mindfulness meditation. An amazing course – I will be back for more!

J.H. – Meditation as a Therapy 2015


“I enjoyed every moment of your 200 hour yoga course. I had no idea how in-depth the history and progression of yoga to our present date came about. The teachers were very informed and supportive. I have learnt about myself in every way and this has improved my practice mentally and physically. I highly recommend this course even if teaching is not your goal.”

W.W. – 200hr yoga teacher training, Toowoomba 2015


Such a great yoga teacher training program!!! 

I will be finishing my 350hr course next month and I couldn’t recommend it more. It’s deepened my personal practice and given me a whole new understanding of yoga, as well as the knowledge and skills to go out and teach.

Celia is a beautiful human being, a supportivementor and a truly amazing teacher. I’m so grateful to have learnt from her. If you’ve been thinking of doing your teacher training this is the place”

S.M. – 350hr yoga teacher training intensive 2015 & meditation as a therapy 2015


“Absolutely amazing.  As a veteran with PTSD i found this to be exceptional by Dr Henry.”

E.G. – Yoga Nidra, iRest & Body Sensing workshop 2015


“When I signed up for the 350hr intensive training, my aim was not to become a yoga teacher but more for the journey it would take me on learning about the ancient teachings and philosophies around the practice of yoga. Throughout the course I felt privileged to have such experienced and passionate teachers who opened my mind and heart to much more than I ever believed. I felt thoroughly supported and nurtured during this time. Who knows where this journey will lead – I keep my mind open to all possibilities!”

C.F. – 350hr yoga teacher training intensive 2014


“Thank you to all the teachers and organizers of the recent 9 day teacher training intensive. It was as full and beautiful an experience as a wave building and forming and then releasing back into the ocean of all things. It has passed like a dream and is now quietly sinking into my soul. This week I have been making dhal, practising pranayama, doing gentle asanas and now I am sitting by a river listening to the water and the birds. Thank you to my fellow teacher trainees. For your kindness, encouragement and generosity I am very grateful. Thank you for accepting me just as I am.”

F.B. – 350hr yoga teacher training intensive 2014/2015


“What I appreciated most during my journey with YIMI is the flexibility of the program and its variety. The teachers were of high standards and my expectations were fulfilled. In addition, the brookfield studio is like a heaven of peace.”

E.D. – 350hr yoga teacher training intensive 2013/2014

“I initially decided to do teacher training to learn more about yoga and to improve my home practice. I’ve found the course to be an amazing and enriching experience, giving me a connection to my teacher and other students that was unexpected and for which I now feel so much appreciation. It has changed me physically and emotionally and expanded my awareness in more than yoga. I feel now that I have a belief in myself as a teacher and have actually taught my first classes – yes me! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with such an amazing experience.”

T.M. Financial Controller

“I have found yoga teacher training to be a  wonderful, joyful path for personal transformation, which is as yoga should be!  Celia is a caring, skilful teacher who nurtures the growth of her students. She’s taken us all into the wonderful rich depths of yoga, both its practice and philosophy. In her own life she models its transformative power. It’s a joy to be in her class and the learning we are doing is a gift for life.”



“Yoga teacher training has been a very enriching and powerful learning experience. Yoga has enhanced every aspect of my life. Through learning and yoga practice I have been gently awakened to my deeper self. I have gained a thorough understanding of yoga through classes, philosophy teachings and through friendship with other students. It has been a safe and encouraging environment in which to grow. Celia is the most inspirational and beautifully grounded teacher who has instilled in me much knowledge, improved my yoga practice, inspired my daily practice and guided me every step of the way. I have loved learning to be a yoga teacher and I feel prepared to teach and share yoga with others and to continue my personal growth on this path.” Laura McKenna, Nurse

“I have been practising yoga for about 10 years, starting when I was 15 after being forced to give up dance during a period of severe illness. Despite years of treatment under various health and medical professionals, it was on the mat where the true healing began.

Training to be a yoga teacher has meant that I can help others through yoga, just as it has helped, and is helping, me. I had often questioned whether I am too young, lacking in life experience to be helping others through yoga, but I had a strong desire to help others having experienced its profound healing abilities. Celia quickly stamped out my disbelief in myself during the first few sessions, reassuring me that I was ready. Early on during training, I was given the opportunity to start teaching. I started with a donation class in the gym where I was already working, with the donations going to The Butterfly Foundation. Now, nearing the end of training, I have 3 regular classes in addition to my Body Balance classes. At the start of training I had little confidence, barely able to do a headstand, and now I am teaching people how to do headstands! I do yoga anywhere and everywhere, everyday, whether it be my own practise, going to a class, or taking a class. It has become my life.

I am a changed person from practising yoga, and have seen an even greater transformation in both my mind and body since the beginning of the course, having found an inner strength knowing that I can achieve or overcome anything; This strength has always been there, but I found it through yoga. I cannot recommend both Celia and the teachers at Zama Toowoomba highly enough. Whether you want to deepen your own practise, and/or help others, this course will change your life!”