yoga therapy for psychological and spiritual development

Yoga psychology is a therapy for the mind, long recognised as a complete science of healing. Yoga is traditionally respected as “the science the mind”. Modern Western Psychology finds many of its roots in Eastern philosophy and yogic psychology. A thorough understanding of the ancient roots of yoga has many benefits to both yoga therapists and patients alike.

Upon completion of this 100 hour course, yoga therapists will have a full and complete understanding of the classical yoga sutras to be used in therapeutic counselling context. Practical Yoga Psychology from an esoteric framework will also be explored for use in therapy.

Yoga as a spiritual therapy is an optimal method of treatment for those who see a greater capacity beyond the ordinary. Yoga therapy for esoteric and spiritual development is a profound healing modality that inspires us to compassionately lead others on the metaphysical path. Esoteric practices that awaken the strong healing power of kundalini to assist others will be taught in great depth, including methodology on how to heal using therapeutic touch, sound, mental transference and visuals.

What you will learn

Yoga Psychology

  • Classical Yoga Psychology: Yoga therapists will undertake a deep exploration of the classical yoga sutras and learn how to use frame this within a counselling and psychotherapy context.
  • Practical Yoga Psychology: Yoga Therapists will be able to provide patients with a unique and effective psychological framework for healing on all levels using successful esoteric and metaphysical models. This will include helping patients with trauma release and emotional holding in the bodily patterning.

Yoga as a Spiritual Therapy

  • Chakras: Exploring the physical, psychological and spiritual openings of the chakras through yoga therapeutics.
  • Koshas: How to ground oneself within the esoteric body, understanding the five layers of body mind and beyond. Energetic cultivation of each layer through various yoga therapy practices will be employed.
  • Vayus: Understanding the five winds (vayus) of the body and how they function to effect health and well-being on all levels. Learn how to relate the 5 vayus in yoga postures to affect true function in postures rather than form. Pranayama in relation to the five vayus will also be explored.
  • Nadis and marmas: A complete and thorough understanding of the main nadis (energy pathways) and how to maintain their ultimate function. Marma points (secret mystical points) that correspond with the nadis and the spiritual and physical health of the body will also be studied.
  • Kundalini: The development, awakening and maintenance of strong currents of spiritual energy in our body, namely kundalini.
  • Gunas: How to develop and maintain a personal sattvic lifestyle to share this with others, providing guidelines and practices to suit each individual.
  • Psychic Transference and healing: How to cultivate strong energetic abilities in healing practice and use methods of transference to heal others. Yoga therapists will learn practices to stimulate and cultivate Shakti, our psychic healing power.

A thorough understanding of the psychology of yoga develops a true understanding of the ancient roots of our science and is crucial to the counselling component of yoga therapy.

Yoga as an esoteric practice and a spiritual therapy creates enormous personal power and internal strength. The practice cultivates a strong faith and conviction in the many practitioners who engage in practice earnestly. It also develops a deep confidence and trust in one’s own ability on all levels of being.

Through this course you will learn how to cultivate and use spiritual power wisely, for the benefit of healing and helping others.

Your Teachers

You will be taught by qualified and experienced teachers, including:

Course Details 2016

8 workshops in 2 parts:


Please follow these steps to enrol in the 100 hour Yoga Therapy for Psychological and Spiritual development course.

  1. Read our policies. YIMI policies are also provided when enrolling.
  2. Choose upfront payment or a payment plan:
    • Upfront $1600 Pay Now
    • Payment Plan  $250 deposit PLUS $533 per month for 3 consecutive months  ($1,849 total) Pay Now
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Yoga Therapy

There are eight 100 hour modules offered over 2 years under the Yoga Therapy program. The 400 hour Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy requires you to undertake four of the eight modules offered, and of the four you choose, you must complete:

If you are undertaking the 800 hour Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy you must enrol in all eight modules above.

Each module includes workshops, home practice, required reading and assignments. Please see each module description for the details of each module.

Required Props


Required Books

All books are available for purchase online. Books must be ordered 3 weeks prior to course start date.

  • The essence of Yoga: Reflections on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Bernard Bouanchaud


Students must have completed a minimum of 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training upon enrolment.  We will consider applications from those who are currently undertaking a 200 hour yoga teacher training course or who are due to commence a 200hr teacher training course.


This course attracts Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance CPD points.

Upgrading your qualifications

Upon completion of this course, you can undertake a range of courses with YIMI to upgrade your qualification. This course is also part of our AAYT accredited 400 and 800 hour Yoga Therapy course and credits towards completion of that course.

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