YIMI offers accredited yoga teacher training courses. These courses follow an integrative medicinal approach, combining the best of Western Biomedicine with Eastern Yoga philosophy and practice. The courses include workshops, class hours, in class assignments, home practice and readings. Upon completion, you will be qualified and ready to teach yoga, feeling confident in your practice, ability and knowledge.

YIMI remains true to yoga in its traditional form, while offering insight into modern forms and styles of yoga. You will learn hatha yoga asana, which will provide you with the foundation to teach most modern styles of yoga, while also covering all the other aspects of yoga, with a focus on mindfulness and presence.

From the bottom of our hearts we truly believe the study of yoga to be an experience you will always thank yourself for. Whether you wish to teach, or simply deepen your practice and understanding, yoga study is a path of growth and development we encourage you to take.


Enrolments for 2014 have now closed.


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“I initially decided to do teacher training with to learn more  about yoga and to improve my home practice. I’ve found the course to be an  amazing and enriching experience, giving me a connection to my teacher and other students that was unexpected and for which I now feel so much appreciation. It has changed me physically and emotionally and expanded my awareness in more than yoga. I feel now that I have a belief in myself as a teacher and have actually taught my first classes – yes me! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with such an amazing experience.” Tracy Murray, 50, Financial Controller

“I have found yoga teacher training to be a  wonderful, joyful path for personal transformation, which is as yoga should be!  Celia is a caring, skilful teacher who nurtures the growth of her students. She’s taken us all into the wonderful rich depths of yoga, both its practice and philosophy. In her own life she models its transformative power. It’s a joy to be in her class and the learning we are doing is a gift for life.”  Erica Lee

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