Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Yin Yoga is based on the Taoist concept of yin and yang, opposite and complementary principles in nature.

‘Yin and yang are descriptive terms that are used to describe all levels of phenomena. Yin is the stable, unmoving, hidden aspect of an object. Yang is the changing, moving, revealing aspect of an object.’ – Paul Grilley, Yin Yoga: Principles and Practice

This course will allow you to begin to understand the world of Yin from its roots in traditional Chinese medicine, yoga and modern anatomical studies. It is designed to offer you a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of the beautiful practice of yin yoga, both mentally and physically in a therapeutic context.

In Yin, we travel deeper – deeper in the body, deeper into the mind, as the meditative state of yoga transfuses into the way we hold Yin poses – that little bit longer, accepting and surrendering to what the body needs in each pose. Our Yin Yoga Teacher Training is reflective of this, going deeper than before, into your yogic knowledge, your awareness of your body, and your understanding of your students.

Yin yoga is a practice designed to increase circulation and improve the flexibility of a body by holding poses that target a person’s connective tissues including the fascia, tendons and ligaments. Yin is used to promote growth, clear energetic blockages, and create a lovely balance within the mind and the body.

Course details 2018

  • Yin yoga Postures, sequences and specific names
  • Choreography of sequencing behind Yin Yoga principles
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Yin Yoga and stretching
  • Understand the scientific reasoning behind extended stretching
  • Learn how to use Deep Myofascial Release techniques in yin yoga therapy
  • Understand the difference between working with connective tissue and stretching muscles
  • Deliver a balanced yin yoga approach to physical and mental health through teaching
  • Educating student about how Yin Yoga better prepares the mind for meditation and offers us deeper dimensions in practice, something beyond the physical postures.
  • You will learn how Yin Yoga addresses the deeper spiritual dimensions of yoga, with attention to the chakras, breathing exercises, and meditation.
  • Yoga Therapy Tools as applied through Yin Yoga
  • Basics of the therapeutic relationship
  • Principles and Skills for Educating Clients/Students
  • Principles and Skills for Working with Groups

Your teacher

Our teaching team are highly qualified and experienced within their fields. You will be taught by:


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The Yin Yoga Teacher Training course is scheduled from 8am – 4:30pm on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th May 2018 at Upper Brookfield Retreat.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

To enrol, simply click on the payment option of your choice to be taken directly to the YIMI online store. From here you will see your chosen course in the cart, along with our policies, and you can proceed to checkout.

This course attracts CPD points with Yoga Australia and other governing bodies.

Upon completion of this Yin Yoga Teacher Training course, you can undertake a range of courses with YIMI to upgrade your qualification.

This course is also part of the Diploma in Yoga Therapeutics and credits toward the completion of these courses.



  • The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark
  • Yoga The Path To Holistic Health by B.K.S. Iyengar


  • Anatomy Trains by Tom Myers


You will need:

  • 2 yoga blankets (marked with your name)
  • 19cm soft pilates ball (contact ZAMA Yoga studio to purchase)
  • 2 soft bouncy balls, not tennis balls (available at most Rebel Sport outlets, 3 for $10 – please do not bring tennis balls)

For home practice:

  • 2 bolsters
  • 2 blocks
  • 1 yoga strap
  • 3 yoga blankets (at least)


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