restorative yoga teacher training

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training is offered face to face in Brisbane.

Restorative yoga is a magnificent and empowering therapeutic tool. Restorative yoga bridges the gap between a strong yoga class and a seated meditation class, making it incredibly accessible to many people, including those with injuries or chronic health conditions. The mind-body connection is intricately enhanced through restorative yoga and it enables all yoga practitioners to have a deep understanding and first hand experience of psychosomatic medicine and the healing process.

Traditionally, restorative yoga uses props to support the body in postures that are held for longer periods. The use of props also aid bodily awareness and proprioreceptive feedback, and are used as a therapeutic tool.

Restorative yoga completely tones the nervous system, employing evidenced based cognitive neuroscience and epigenetics to bring about both therapeutic and lasting changes. Deep interoreceptive awareness is developed to transform stress, fear, anxiety.  Restorative yoga awakens the pranic and energetic systems of the mind-body and develops a heightened sensitivity and a gentle self compassion.

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Enrolments for Restorative Teacher Training courses are managed by our partner studios. Please visit their websites to find course schedules that suit you and to enrol.