restorative yoga therapeutics

restoRestorative Yoga rejuvenates the whole body, mind and nervous system. BKS Iyengar, who was the Father of traditional restorative yoga often said, “Health is not a commodity to be bargained for. It has to be earned”. Our health is earned through addressing every part of the body – every organ every bone- every muscle – and every cell of the body.

Traditional Restorative Yoga looks to use the placement of props therapeutically to support the body in all positions. Restorative Yoga has a strong backing of scientific evidence that has widened its growing popularity. It is suitable to all people of all ages and is a wonderful way to guide anyone into yoga. It is an imperative teaching tool for both personalised therapeutic sessions and class scenarios.

Restorative Yoga offers us all a deep experience of meditative asana – the sacred opportunity to witness ourselves from within. The long and uninterrupted practice of asanas practised with meditative awareness brings us complete mental freedom and heightened personal power.

This course will focus not only be on the how of the postures, but also the why and when; The physiology and therapeutic applications for specific sequences, postures, and supporting techniques. This is a holistic approach to restorative yoga like no other.

What you will Learn

  • Restorative Yoga Asanas
  • Restorative Yoga sequencing
  • Touch adjustments
  • Accurate and precise Alignment tutelage
  • Correct prop usage – chairs, blocks, straps, sand bags, blankets, straps, eye pillows
  • Pranayama with Props
  • Yoga for ailments
  • Physiology of relaxation

Your Teacher

Our teaching team are highly qualified and experienced within their fields. You will be taught by:

The Restorative Yoga Therapeutics course is scheduled from 8am – 4:30pm on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd July 2018 at Upper Brookfield Retreat

If you are enrolling in the Diploma in Yoga Therapeutics, or the Restorative Yoga Teacher Training course, please enrol in this course to secure your place. You must also enrol in your other elected modules to complete your enrolment.

Entry requirement is a minimum of 200 hour yoga teacher training.  Special considerations based on prior learning upon request. Contact us if you are unsure, we are always happy to help.

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Restorative Yoga Therapeutics

One weekend module on 28th & 29th September 2018

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

The Restorative Yoga Therapeutics course is also part of the Restorative Yoga Teacher Training in 2018; two modules in April and September 2018

This course attracts CPD points with Yoga Australia and other governing bodies.

Upon completion of this course, you can undertake a range of courses with YIMI to upgrade your qualification.

This course is also part of the Diploma in Yoga Therapeutics and Restorative Yoga Teacher Training credits toward the completion of these courses.

A range of accommodation options are available to students at the Upper Brookfield Retreat campus. This is generally suitable for students undertaking courses at the Upper Brookfield Retreat campus, although if you have a car, the campus is only a 20 minute drive to the Zama Yoga Toowong campus. For accommodation bookings at the Upper Brookfield Retreat campus, contact the Upper Brookfield Retreat directly.
Other accommodation suggestions are listed here.

Restorative Yoga Therapeutics

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training


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  2. Click on the payment option of your choice to be taken directly to the YIMI online store. From here you will see your chosen course in the cart, along with our policies, and you can proceed to checkout.

Book list

Required books

  • Restore and Rebalance by Judith Hansen Lasater
  • Relax and Renew by Judith Hansen Lasater

Prop list

Required props

  • 1 yoga mat
  • 1 yoga strap
  • 4 bolsters
  • 2 blocks
  • 4 blankets
  • 3 eye pillows
  • 2 sand bags (or 2 extra blankets)

Optional props

  • zafu (meditation cushion)
  • zabuton (meditation cushion base)
  • 1 Yoga chair


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