Accommodation at Upper Brookfield Retreat

Types of Accommodation

Shared accommodation
Shared rooms are $66 per night and are usually 2-3 people per room. Beds or mattresses are provided.

Single accommodation
Single rooms are $108 per night and include either a bed or mattress.

Camping is also an option at $35 per night with guests to supply tent and all materials.

*All costs plus GST

What’s included?

If you are travelling by car please assist us by bringing your own sheets and pillows. If you are travelling from interstate or by airplane – we can provide this for you.

All toiletries to be supplied by the guest.


To book accommodation send an email to and we will send you a PayPal invoice.

Please specify the following details in your email:

  • Room preference
  • Travel  arrangements/enquiries

Food Options

There are limited shops around Upper Brookfield. You must bring all food with you unless you are hiring a car – main shops and restaurants are a 15 min drive from our beautiful location.

For those travelling by airplane – basic gluten free breakfast cereal and non -dairy milk options are available in the studio kitchenette.

We ask students to bring a plate of food to share for lunches. However, we understand that if you’re travelling from interstate catering for a shared lunch may be difficult for you and so other students will be able to bring food plates that you can share for lunch.

Dinner should be light and simple. There is one electric stove top, microwave and kettle, rice cooker and slow cooker.

You can store your foods in the two refrigerators provided for students.

Travel assistance 

Upper Brookfield Retreat is located at 166 Pacey Road, Upper Brookfield, 4069 – 38 kms from Brisbane Airport. If you’re travelling from the airport, hiring a car will be much cheaper than a taxi.

Public Transport
Public transport isn’t available for the entire journey to Upper Brookfield but we can assist you by arranging a collection from Indooroopilly train station. The train leaves from Brisbane Airport regularly and is a quick change to Indooroopilly train station. This option is available before 5pm on the day prior to the training day or retreat. Same-day collection may be possible by car-sharing with another student.

Please contact to organise a lift should you need it.

Yoga Props

Yoga props are supplied to all people travelling via airplane. If you are travelling by car, please assist by bringing your required props with you.

Recreational Activities

There is a swimming pool and beautiful walking tracks at Upper Brookfield Retreat. To make the most of your stay, bring your walking shoes and swimmers.